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Wednesday, 22 November 2017


JMDigitalSignages includes a component and template which makes an on-line Digital Signage system from your Joomla! website in minutes.

The on-line Digital Signage can be shown on any screen/display which can show webpages. This reduces further investments since there is no need for expensive hardware to show the digital signage on the screen. 

The component and template has the following characteristics:

  1. Create multiple Digital Signages on one Joomla! installation
  2. Create an unlimited number of slides per Digital Signage
  3. All slides are automatically added to the choosen digital Signage
  4. Create, edit and design slides with your favorite WYSIWYG-editor
  5. Choose how long the slides are visible
  6. Use the Digital Signage for news displays
  7. Use the Digital Signage for commercials
  8. Use the Digital Signage for advertisements
  9. Template with multiple module positions which makes the integration of other Joomla! modules possible
  10. Template settings like background colors, logo and sizes can be changed in the backend.

Click here and see the demo with all the functions at work and explained. The slides are changed every 20 seconds.

Click here and subscribe for JMDigitalSignages.


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