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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Instructions JMDigital Signages

This guide shows how you can create a basic Digital Signage in minutes.

  1. Subscribe for and download  JMDigitalSignages.
  2. Install the file "JMDigitatalSignages-vx.x.zip" with the extension manager from Joomla!
  3. Go to: Components -> JMDigitalSignages - manager -> Displays, click "new" and create your first Digital Signage Display.
  4. Give the Display a name.
  5. Go to: Components -> JMDigitalSignages - manager -> Slides, click "new" and create your first slide.
  6. Give the slide a "Title, Category/Display, content and select published.
  7. Create multiple slides for the Digital Signage.
  8. Go to "Options" and set "switch speed" and "Visible time"
  9. Create a menu item with the "Joomla! Menu Manager", set JMDigitalSignages as template and visit your first Digital Signage.
  10. Go to Extensions -> Template Manager -> JMDigitalSignages - Default and change the settings as required.



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