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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

instructions image menu

Installation of the "Image Menu":

  1. Download the module from the download area (available after valid subscription)
  2. Install the module with the extension manager in Joomla!
  3. Go to Extensions -> module manager and select "Image Menu"
  4. Change title as wanted
  5. Select the position where you want the module to appear
  6. Switch status to published
  7. Go to "Menu assignment" and select the pages where you want the module to appear

Building the menu:  (supposing the module is installed)

  1. Create menu items in the standard menu manager
  2. Go to module manager and open "Image Menu" (see above)
  3. Click on the tab "Options" and select "Select menu items", see image below:
  4. Select the menu item in the dropdown list where you want to link the image to.
  5. Click "Select" to select, or upload an image.
  6. Fill in the name (this is required, otherwise the item will not show)
  7. Fill in the discription.
  8. Repeat step 5-8 for all menu items you want to show (maximum is 6, but more is on request)
  9. Give the menu your own style (style sheets can be found in "root/modules/mod_imagemenu/assets/css/default_vertical.php or default_horizontal.php)
  10. Ejoy the menu.

Please ask all your questions regarding the menu in our forum.


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