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Saturday, 16 December 2017


Installation of the Extended admin menu module:

1.  Download the free version or order the pro version of the  module.

2. Install the module with the extension manager from Joomla!

3. For the pro version only: Go to Extensions -> Plugin manager -> filter on "system" -> enable the plugin "System- ExtAdminMenu", don't change anything! It is used for the menu settings.

4. Go to: Extensions -> Module manager

5. Filter on "administrator"


6. De-activate the running "admin menu"



7. Click on "Extended admin menu".

8. Select "Menu" for posisition. And "Published" for status.


9. Click "save and close", your Extended admin menu is up and running!

10. Review the module you installed on extension.joomla.org (Choose version Free version or the Pro version)


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